What time do campgrounds open and close?




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    Kat Zambrano

    Seems silly to open up the campgrounds and the festival at the same time. We miss the festival setting up. Also don’t you anticipate long lines entering the campgrounds.

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    Okeechobee Support

    Hi Kat,

    Festival gates are the gates to come into the property. Campground gates are the gates to each campground site. The article is just stating you will be able to set up your campground as soon as the gates to come in the property open for patrons. You wont be missing out :-)

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    @okeechobee support. I do not understand your comment above. You are saying that campgrounds and festival gates both open at the same time at noon on Thursday. The first show starts at 12:30. What happens when everyone is still in line to get into camp grounds and all the shows are starting?

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